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Keith Tuck Successfully Defends Client in Barra McGrory Case

Keith Tuck successfully defended his client at Glasgow Sheriff Court who was accused of sending a “death threat” to Barra McGrory, Director of Public Prosecutions in Northern Ireland.

The message was posted onto a site belonging to a loyalist political organisation and referred to McGrory’s previous representation of members of the IRA. The accused admitted sending the message but that it had been misinterpreted. He was subsequently found not guilty.

Speaking after the case, Keith Tuck said: "His position throughout was that he accepted he sent the message but that it was misunderstood and not a death threat.

"The sheriff concluded in the end that she couldn't be satisfied that he'd meant to do that.

"She found that he sent the message, and he never denied it, but he didn't intend it to be a death threat, it's been misinterpreted."

He added: "He was delighted, it's been a big strain for him because it's a serious charge which could've had serious repercussions for him, so he was relieved at the end of it."

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