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Slight rise in domestic abuse cases on previous year

The Scottish Government has released a new report that highlights the characteristics of victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse acts in Scotland. During the 2017-18 period, 59,541 incidents of domestic abuse were recorded by the police in Scotland; an increase of one per cent on 2016-17.

Key Findings of Report

Domestic Abuse and Age

The highest incident rate for both victims and those accused came from the 26-30 years old age group:

  • 272 recorded incidents per 10,000 for victims, and
  • 246 recorded incidents per 10,000 for accused.

Female victims aged 26-30 had the highest rate; 455 per 10,000 population. Male victims aged 31-35 years old had the highest rate of domestic abuse incidents; 88 per 10,000.

Domestic Abuse and Gender

Where gender was recorded, around four in every five cases (82%) involved a female victim and male perpetrator. 16% of domestic abuse incidents involved a male victim and female perpetrator. 2% of recorded incidents included both a male victim and male accused, where 1% of incidents recorded was a female victim and female accused.

Domestic Abuse and Time of Incident

In 2017-18, the most common time for a domestic abuse incident to be recorded was at the weekend; Saturday (17%) and Sunday (18%). During the week, the statistics highlighted an average of 13%.

Domestic Abuse and Location of Incident

Of those domestic abuse incidents recorded by the police in 2017-18:

  • 40% occurred in the home of the victim,
  • 19% occurred in the joint home of both the victim and the perpetrator,
  • 5% occurred in the accused’s house,
  • 24% in other dwellings,
  • 6% in the street,
  • 1% in a licenced premise, and
  • 5% in ‘other’.

Domestic Abuse by Local Authority

There were 110 incidents of domestic abuse recorded per 10,000 people. The top three incident rates per 10,000 were in Clackmannanshire (162), West Dunbartonshire (153) and Glasgow City (143), while the Shetland Island (54), East Dunbartonshire (52) and the Orkney Islands (49) had the lowest.

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