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Rising number of violent crimes in Scotland

The number of recorded violent crimes has risen by 10 per cent, according to new figures from Police Scotland. The force said it detected 4,817 more offences in 2018-19 compared to 2017-18; the equivalent of 90 extra crimes a week.

The number of murders, attempted murders and serious assaults all increased in the year to 31 March 2019. There were 58 murders recorded in Scotland during the period to end Q4 2018/19, two more than the previous year. The detection rate for murder in 2018/19 was 87.9 per cent (51 of the 58 reported), a fall from the 100 per cent detected in 2017/18.

The number of attempted murders recorded during Q4 2018/19 was up 59 (23 per cent), with 310 reported in 2018/19. 92.9 per cent of the crimes (288) were detected by Police Scotland, a 0.3 per cent drop from those identified the previous year.

There were nearly 30 more serious assaults recorded in 2018/19 compared with 2017/18; from 4,021 to 4,050, with a detection rate of 75.1 per cent (3,040).

More than 13,500 sexual crimes recorded in 2018/19

In the year to end March 2019, there were 13,547 sexual crimes recorded by Police Scotland; 923 more than the previous year. These figures included indecent/sexual assault (5,123 reported cases), rape and attempted rape (2,426 reported cases), disclosure of intimate images (596), prostitution-related crimes (235). Of these sexual crimes, the detection rate was:

  • 8 per cent for prostitution-related crime
  • 7 per cent for indecent/sexual assault
  • 7 per cent for rape and attempted rape
  • 5 per cent for disclosure of intimate images

Scottish Conservative justice spokesman, Liam Kerr, described the figures as ‘shocking’ and that they “expose the reality that violent crime is increasing at an astonishing rate.”

Deputy chief constable, Will Kerr, concluded: “Reports of sexual crime continue to increase, which is to be welcomed, but we are aware that sexual crime remains under-reported.

“Any violent crime is unacceptable and these offences have a significant impact on victims, families and communities. We are working closely with our partners to better understand and prevent violent crime."

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