Dangerous Driving

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In Scotland, you can be charged with careless or dangerous driving. Dangerous driving is the more serious of the two and is an offence under section 2 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. Dangerous driving is stated, amongst other things, to be driving far below the standard expected of a careful and competent driver, causing injury or serious damage. While many people are arrested for dangerous driving following an accident, you do not have to be involved in an accident to be arrested for the offence. The offence is aggravated where a person has died as a result of someone driving dangerously. Our team of specialist road traffic solicitors will guide and assist you throughout the process of being arrested for dangerous driving, from the interview in the police station to a court appearance, if necessary.

Sentencing for Dangerous Driving in Scotland

There are a number of options available to the court when it comes to sentencing. If found guilty of dangerous driving you can be disqualified from driving and receive a fine. However, these are at the lower end of the scale with the most severe penalty being up to two years in prison. Where the dangerous driving has resulted in the death of a person then the disqualification and length of prison sentence could be considerably longer. The presence of children in the car at the time of the offence, damage to property or injury to persons as a result of your driving could also be viewed as factors which would allow for a more severe sentence to be imposed. However, the court will also look favourably upon first time offenders and early guilty pleas when weighing up the length and severity of sentence.

Specialist Legal Advice for Dangerous Driving

Given the far-reaching consequences that a conviction for dangerous driving can have on your family and work life, it is important to seek the assistance of independent specialist solicitors when appearing in court. Here at Keith J Tuck Solicitors, we have over 30 years’ experience in dealing with dangerous driving cases. Our team listen to your side of events and review all the evidence to put across the best possible defence and minimise the consequences on you and your family.

If you cannot afford legal assistance, you may be eligible for legal aid. We are legal aid solicitors and can assist you in the application process to ensure that you receive financial assistance to allow you to receive legal advice and representation.

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