Early Return / Restoration of Driving Licence Glasgow, Scotland

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If you are a disqualified driver you can in certain circumstances apply to the court for early removal of the disqualification.

There are strict time restrictions which once met allow you to apply. If the ban was 4 years or less then you can apply after 2 years.If between 4 and 10 years then after half the ban and finally if more than 10 years then you can apply after 5 years.

It is important to present a strong case and the court will need to be persuaded regarding the character of the driver, conduct since offence, nature of the offence and other compelling reasons. These can include employment opportunities, health issues for the banned driver or family or even family contact issues. These are only examples and every person’s application depends on their circumstances

It is crucial to have an experienced solicitor prepare and present your case to the court as the Police are entitled to oppose your case.

Contact Keith J Tuck Solicitors for further help and advice if you think you may qualify.

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