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Keith J Tuck solicitors is a very professional firm and I can not recommend them high enough.

R. G, February 2023

Excellent communication and relationship with Mr Tuck.
K. T, February 2023
Highly recommend Mr. Tuck. He has assisted my son and the outcome has been fantastic. Very professional and very experienced. I wouldn't just give him just 5 stars I would give him the best lawyer in Glasgow. Thanks again Mr Tuck

C. M, February 2023

Was very pleased with the outcome and they way the lawyers dealt with it in court .would highly recommend them

J. W, February 2023

First class service, various Solictors had excellent working knowledge of case throughout process they all remained confident that the correct verdict would be reached and kept us up to date throughout. Highly recommend any of Solictors within company. Thanks again to you all

A. R, January 2023

All I can say is best lawyers about, from start to finish they make sure they get the best result for you, don't hesitate to contact them if you're in trouble or someone's trying to make trouble for you they will help all the way

S. J, January 2023

My family have called upon Keith j tuck solicitors for legal troubles past and very recent and there professionalism is outstanding. Clear precise correspondence from start to finish and although a court appearance can be daunting Keith and his colleagues handle the situation brilliantly. 10/10

A. B, January 2023

Professional experience throughout. Very helpful in dealing with my case and I wouldnt hesitate to contact Mr Tuck in the future. Although I hope I won't have to!
S. M, January 2023
Outstanding amount of effort and Outstanding results second to none ?
J. M, January 2023
Absolutely the best lawyers in Glasgow Keith and Mr Drummond are the best, amazing at what they do, if I could give more stars I would. Words can't describe how hard they work for their clients and put their absolute all in, provided a spectacular service from start to finish always there when needed and very reliable with an outstanding performance for a first class result, life savers, thanks for everything.
L.K, October 2022
Can't believe how helpful and friendly they are, I was in court today and absolutely terrified, Keith put my mind at rest and got me an excellent result, five stars.

C.S.N, September 2022

Mr Tuck and Mr Drummond are the height of professionalism, their attitude, commitment and attention to detail is second to none. I would highly recommend their services as I believe they cannot be matched for diligence and their correct approach to the law.

G.G, September 2022

Professional and helpful, my case was resolved peacefully; so I cannot speak for people in more serious predicaments but I would recommend them to anyone with legal trouble in Glasgow.

Y.F, July 2022

I would highly recommend Keith J Tuck...excellent service from Keith..thank you so much.

J, June 2022

Would not hesitate to recommend after a protracted case lasting almost a year and 6 separate visits to court. Fully acquitted due to Keith mounting a strong defence and getting to the truth.

G.M, May 2022

Excellent service from Mr Drummond

N.H, April 2022

I recently used keith tuck Solictors as I was at court for an assault and breach, keith was brilliant start to finish with this case and made me feel comfortable this was my first experience at court as I am just young and I was very nervous but keith gave great reassurance that everything was going to be okay and he even got me the best result I could ever ask for, the case got dropped due to Keith’s hard work and strong defence I couldn’t recommend keith enough I have already passed his details on to a friend who is going to court!

C.C, March 2022

Never needed a solicitor before charges I faced were laughable when I was in fact the victim in the circumstances Keith put my mind at ease and at court case year later was innocent of all charges. Thanks to Keith and Ms Wilson.

W.M, January 2022

Keith is a fantastic lawyer on point would 100 % recommend well mannered and kept me in the loop at all stages of the process trust me look no further

S.H & A.H, January 2022

Keith was a really good, he was responsive, understanding and the best of the best, got me the bare minimum which is good considering the charges. Will definitely be using him again (hopefully not) in the future

C.M, January 2022

Taken a while to do this review as words couldn’t express just how OUTSTANDING this full team is. Communication is 2nd to none, go above and beyond to provide support. Professionally are achieving goals most could only dream off. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Even in bad times these people help you see the light. Respect.

C.J, September 2021

Excellent Service by Mr. Tuck & Team. My case has been successful working with them. Thank you for the support throughout the process.

Mr H, September 2021

Absolutely Fantastic work! Thank you Keith and your team for amazing work and dealing with case ?

Mr J, July 2021

Nobody can guarantee the outcome in court proceedings but I have to say that throughout the whole process, Mr Keith J Tuck, guided me, explained the various stages and provided me with a frank and honest appraisal of what to expect and our best course of action. Mr Tuck is a consummate professional and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation as me. It was not just his command of the legal processes and knowledge of the law which impressed me. It is clear that he is well respected within the system and his courteous manner goes a long way to find agreement, consensus and common sense within the system. Thankfully, I had all charges dropped against me in my instance and I will be eternally grateful to Mr Keith J tuck whose efforts and ability fell far beyond my expectations. If I could give 6 stars to Mr Keith J tuck, I would.

F.K, June 2021

Amazing service, very professional.

S.A, April 2021

Highly skilled solicitor. I have just had a case dropped by the PF against me. This is as a direct result of the skill of hiring a competent and highly experienced solicitor. There were no hidden fees and the procedure was straight forward for me. As I am a nurse, the implications of the charge would have been difficult to say the least and may have prevented my practice. Keith has successfully and swiftly achieved the best result I could have wished for. I highly recommend him.

J.A, January 2021

Mr Tuck and his representatives offered a highly professional service. I was facing a potential custodial sentence and this firm negotiated on my behalf to reduce this to a compensation order, ending 3 years of stress. Keith and Debbie kept me in the loop at all times. I can't thank them enough.

F, January 2021

Keith is the consummate professional - an extremely kind and knowledgeable lawyer who fought by my side all throughout. I had been falsely accused of assault and breach of peace - charges which would have spelt death to my career. Both charges were dropped and I was found 'not guilty'. Highly recommended. Thanks Debbie as well!

J, December 2020

Very helpful and understanding and honest.

D.M, December 2020

I would highly recommend Keith J Tuck Solicitors as himself and the staff explained everything step by step. I had so many questions and I am so grateful for Debbie to keep me updated in my husband's case to make sure we were on track with everything. Mr Tuck got us an amazing outcome with the court Trial and I would 100% recommend/use this Solicitors again. I loved that the gave you a price and there were no hidden charges. Thanks again guys.

Mrs F, September 2020

Highly recommended. Does everything quietly in the background then comes out with a win.

Anonymous, September 2020

Just had a case dealt with by Keith absolutely amazing result would highly recommend to anyone needing a good lawyer.

S.M, August 2020

Fantastic service. Keith provides a great personal service and re assured me throughout the whole process. Would highly recommend!
T.B, June 2020

I contacted two lawyers on behalf of my son who had a few charges including breach of the peace charge and assault on a police officer. I chose Keith J Tuck as Mr Tuck himself called me back within a few hours and listened patiently and responded warmly to my concerns. The balance between understanding and professionalism was much needed and his guidance kept me informed and reassured throughout. Mr Tuck also managed to relate to my son in a way that made him feel that he was on his side. Mr Tuck got 2 of the charges dropped and the outcome was only min community service of 40 hours. Meaning my son can put this out of character episode behind him. My son lost his job due to time off for attending court and Keith was very patient with the remaining balance and again due to impact of covid-19. I highly recommend Keith Tuck he is extremely down to earth and very professional as are his staff. Thank you Keith Tuck Solicitors.

M & D, June 2020

Mr Tuck provided an excellent personal service throughout the whole process giving me reassurance from the very start. I would highly recommend.

T.K, May 2020

Would highly recommend Keith! Has represented a few of my family members for years and has always got good results time & time again. Don't know how he manages it the man's a genius!!

D.O, May 2020

MR Tuck helped me from the start of my case. He really assured me that he will look after me until the end of the case. He is very professional in dealing his clients from all walks of life. I will recommend him to anybody who will be needing his assistance.

L.D, May 2020

Keith is a master at his profession. He was able to drop all charges against me. I couldn't have asked for a better solicitor. Highly reccomend Keith as he is very reliable and supportive.

A.L, March 2020

Just had a case dealt with by Mr. Tuck a couple weeks ago,Handled my case amazingly all the way through and ended up with a great result with the case dropped. Great job by Mr Tuck and his team thank you for all your help and support.What a pleasure he was also was to talk to and deal with.Would most definitely recommend Mr Tuck and his team.

S.F, February 2020

Very good lawyers would recommend to anyone

D.L, January 2020

Just had a case dealt with by Mr. Tuck. Handled my case amazingly all the way through and ended up with a great result with the case dropped. Great job by Mr Tuck and his team thank you

C.M, January 2020

I would like to thank Keith and his legal team. Keith is an absolute gentleman and a fantastic Lawyer. Anyone that’s in need of legal advice I would highly recommend Keith J Tuck . First class service and great legal representation . I can’t praise Keith enough.

A.C, October 2019

Amazing lawyer, he made an impossible situation for me simply just go away. Can’t speak highly enough of the whole team!

J. P Sharpe, June 2019

Never lost a case! If you want to prove your not guilty, I would recommend using Keith. 5 stars from me. The best solicitor in Glasgow by a country mile.

R.H, May 2019

I would like to say a huge thank you to Keith for his help in a recent matter in which I got the best result all thanks to him..can’t thank you enough for everything you done for me. I would recommend Keith and his team over all others such a lovely man. Thanks again Keith for everything.

D.K, May 2019

Keith and his team are the best got everything sorted out for me I couldn't have been happier. Ever need a great lawyer to go above and beyond give this guy a call, thank you again!

J.B, April 2019

I would like to say thank you to Keith today for getting my case thrown out of court. Keith is a great lawyer and has always got the best result for myself and my partner. Would highly recommend.

A.B, March 2019

 I was charged with a driving offence and because I was a new driver I could have lost my license. Contacted Keith J Tuck solicitors and received a fast and warm response from Mr Tuck himself. I was supported from the very beginning and kept up to date with everything that was happening. Mr Tuck managed to have my charges dropped and I have a clean license. Keith is a lovely man and probably one of the best lawyers in the country. The whole team are very warm and friendly and listen to what you have to say. I hope in the nicest way possible, I never have to come into contact with Mr Tuck and his team ever again. Highly recommend. I am absolutely delighted with my outcome & really cannot thank Mr Tuck enough.

L.M, March 2019

This man is an amazing solicitor, goes above and beyond his representation for you, makes you feel at ease & is very understanding & compassionate. Dealt with him 7 years ago & he was great then & I got the result I deserved legally & morally. I dealt with him again yesterday & got the result I deserved once again. So thanks a million Keith was great seeing you again after such a long time. But hope I never have to see you in that capacity again if you get my drift. Keep up the good work & all the best to you & any further clients you represent in the future. I highly recommend anybody & everybody to use the services you provide for them. So, 5 stars from me Keith.

K.T, March 2019

Keith Tuck Solicitors are very professional, helpful and reassuring. Keeps you well informed through all aspects and stages of your case. Being worried parents, talking with this man lifted some of the worry off our shoulders and we felt he was very easy to speak with and made us feel relaxed speaking to him and If we needed to contact him at any time he would be there to help. I highly recommend Keith Tuck you will not get an anymore down to earth, but very professional man than him. We are forever grateful for his services. Thank you Keith Tuck Solicitors you are the Best. Sharon, William and Craig

S.F, March 2019

Keith J Tuck and his firm went over and above in helping me with my case and in turn, saved my career and my reputation by their intense attention to detail and overall 5-star professionalism from start to finish. Cannot thank and recommend them enough!

F.A, March 2019

This man did an excellent job kept in contact and we had a great result. I would highly recommend Keith.

L.B, March 2019

Definitely a lawyer you can be confident in! Keith represented me throughout my case and ensured I was at ease throughout the full thing, Mr Tuck and his team would go above and beyond for their clients and ensure the best possible outcome.

C.G, February 2019

Great solicitors inc. his colleagues who helped with my case. They offered a friendly, professional and flexible approach to all matters of the case. I would highly recommend Kieth and his team again.

S, January 2019

Mr Kieth J Tuck represented me for a recent charge and was able to negotiate with a senior prosecutor a result of dropping the case against me and being no further action after using his extensive knowledge and experience of such matters. I could not be happier with the outcome and Mr Tuck was not only friendly and a good listener, he is exceptionally talented at doing his job. Thank you for a five-star service. 

A.F, January 2019

Cannot recommend Keith enough! Extremely down to earth, honest, reliable and helpful even if there's nothing in it for him. Wonderful human being and an excellent solicitor. 

M.W, October 2018

Amazing service. Such a kind compassionate human being. This man goes above and beyond his duty. Thank you so very much for being an absolute thoughtful and most considerate person. I very much appreciate your help. I will never forget. Thank you.

C.C, July 2018

Thanks to Keith for all his help throughout my case, extremely nice guy and we got on great. He helped keep me calm and up to date throughout the 7/8 months process and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome and would recommend Keith to anyone. Thanks again!! :)

D, May 2018

I can honestly say that from initial contact with Keith and his team, until the end result, I felt like I was in the hands of true professionals. Ms Bradley was the solicitor who we communicated with most & she was always on hand to help, to give us her professional advice & to alleviate any concerns we had. We would highly recommend this firm if you are having any legal issues.

T.B, March 2018

The service I received from Keith J. Tuck Solicitors was excellent. I approached them around a week or so after I had been arrested for suspected drink driving and I received a free consultation and they made me feel like I was in safe hands. I had never been arrested or in a courtroom before but Laura was extremely helpful and explained absolutely everything to me and what my options were making my situation a lot less stressful. I was constantly kept up to date with what was going on and when I met Mr Tuck he was also very helpful and the advice I received was second to none. Overall I was happy with the result of my case and would like to thank Laura and the rest of the staff for the time and effort they put into my case.

M.B, December 2017

Dear Keith, I am sending you this email to thank you for your help within these last five months. As you will be aware I am delighted with the outcome yesterday and with the way yourself and Laura have dealt with my case. I found my whole experience with your service very person-centred and caring. I am looking forward now to greater job prospects once I have passed my driving test due to my licence will be one of the tools used within my job role within the community. I would have no hesitation in using your professional and experienced service in the future and will share your services through friends and family if they are looking for services within your field. Once again I would like to praise yourself, Keith and Laura for the professional delivery of excellent service and too, Debbie for her expertise within her administrative skills in keeping me up to date with my case.

F.M, December 2017

Mr Tuck before I say anything else I would just like to thank you for what you did yesterday. I honestly was amazed at your work! Absolutely brilliant, apart from all that thank you for making me feel at ease and talking me through everything throughout the day.

Anonymous, December 2017

Most down to earth man you can meet what you see is what you get.

Elaine Stewart, October 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Tuck and everyone at his firm for the great outcome of my case. The consequences of a guilty verdict would have been terrible for me and my family. From my first phone conversation with Debbie who made me feel so at ease and also the other Solicitor Laura who was so helpful, I can't thank them enough. At Court Mr Tuck kept me updated and reassured at every opportunity and was very professional. I would recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for a Solicitor even if i didn't have as great an outcome I can't fault any aspect with the way they handled my case

R, September 2017

Fantastic solicitors. I would not trust any other man with my cases. He was outstanding and did a fantastic job. He helps my business grow by keeping my licence. Thanks, Keith

Anonymous, September 2017

I have known Keith for over 15 years now and he has just helped me overturn my driving ban 5 years early. This will help me and my family our so much so I can thank you enough. Fantastic lawyer and I have and always will recommend him to anyone.

David, Glasgow, August 2017

Mr Tuck was recommended to be by a very good friend that had used him and had nothing but great things to say about him. I needed help with a case with my son Mr tuck was very prompt in dealing with the case also kept in touch through out the case and had a great outcome. I would recommend Mr tuck to anybody that has a legal case pending he will go above and beyond to help you and your loved ones through a difficult time.

Anonymous, Glasgow, August 2017

This man is a gentleman, he is by far the best solicitor I have ever had. He did exactly what he said he would and smashed it. If you need a solicitor you need to get this man.

R, May 2017

Amazing lawyer he has won a few cases for myself my family and friends over the years and thought we were screwed most times and I've had to call on him yet again and never lets you down he has never lost one case I've watched a lot of lawyers over the years but this guy is on another level he's the best there is and could never repay what he has done for us all Keith don't know how u do it but bloody AMAZING!!!!!!

C, May 2017

Can't thank this lawyer enough another GREAT outcome at court 2day one of the best lawyers out there always listens an on your side always got myself n my family really good results at court an always try's his absolute best in court for you nothing but GOOD has mr tuck done for me and other family members totally recommend this guy TOP LAWYER

Anonymous, Glasgow, April 2017

He's an excellent solicitor and has helped me through some tough times so I would recommend Keith j tuck to anyone, so thanks again for everything you've done for me in the past Keith. Stacey mcauley (Mckay)

Anonymous, Glasgow, April 2017


Anonymous, Glasgow, April 2017

Spot on and very helpful will use again

Anonymous, Glasgow, April 2017

Great lawyer

Anonymous, Glasgow, April 2017

I'm sure not all solicitors have the same gift as Mr Tuck and I'm so glad he crossed my path, therefore I will never forget the way he professionally conducted my case. As for me, this has secured a  future for my employment and my family and for that I cannot thank him enough. I personally don't think anyone else could have managed to achieve the success of this case. Thank you Keith.  

Anonymous, Helensburgh, April 2017

Just a short email to express my thanks for your hard work on my behalf last week. As you will understand, this has been a horrible time for my partner and me. When I left home last Wednesday to travel to Scotland, I had no idea when I would be allowed to return and all sorts of nightmarish scenarios were going through my head. Thanks to your efforts, I was back home in the quickest time possible, so many, many thanks.

Anonymous, London, April 2017


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